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The Hobbs Series

Set in a small town in coastal Maine, the Hobbs series tells the story of a tight-knit group of LGBTQ friends. Each character has a storied past. As they enthusiastically embrace the next chapter in their lives, they prove that age is just a number. Most of all the Hobbs series is about community. No matter what challenges the characters face, they draw strength and hope from their friends. Each book can be read independently, but the story is richer when the books are read in order.

Maggie and Liz were college lovers separated by parental disapproval and guilt. Maggie falls in a summer-stock stage accident and lands in Liz’s medical office. While she heals, an old flame is rekindled. Is forty years too long to wait for the one you love? Read more>>

Maggie and Liz have been dreaming of a quiet Christmas. Their plans of sitting by the fire, drinking mulled wine and watching old Christmas movies get scuttled by surprise visits from friends and family. We meet Lucy and Erika, featured in This Is My Body. Read more>>

Philosophy professor and opera fan, Erika Bultmann is allergic to religion but is intrigued by the new Episcopal rector, who used to be a Met opera star. When Erika discovers why Lucy quit the stage, she must be willing to accept something totally unexpected. Read more>>

Cherie Bois hates the police and guns since witnessing her sister shot to death. Chief Brenda Harrison, who’s attracted to her, wants to prove not all cops are bad. When the lockdown throws them together, Cherie must overcome her fear and learn to trust her. Read more>>

Architect Samantha McKinnon is doing a bathroom remodel for the most hated woman in town, Olivia Enright—a super-rich, retired hedge fund manager whose outspoken, right-wing views have alienated everyone. Sam sees a side of Olivia that changes her mind. Read more>>

Erika has hired Sam to build a practice room where Lucy can sing without disturbing the neighbors. When tragedy strikes, the women of Hobbs help a beloved friend heal from her loss, but the dark winter brings tension and realignment to their small community. Read more>>

Courtney Barnes, the new assistant principal of Hobbs Elementary, catches the eye of Melissa Morgenstern, a high-profile trust lawyer from Boston, who’s spending the summer with her widowed mother. Lucy’s ex, Susan Gedney shows up with dangerous secret. Read more>>

Cherie would like to start a family, but Brenda worries it’s too late. When a domestic violence situation ends in tragedy, two children are orphaned. Hobbs rallies to support their adoption by the town’s most eligible parents. Read more>>

Lucy has a chance to restart her singing career after Denise, the church’s transgender music director, lands an audition with a major orchestra. Everything in Lucy’s life is thrown into doubt—her faith, her future as a pastor, even her marriage to the woman she loves. Read more>>

Susan is trying to find her place in Hobbs after leaving in disgrace. Bobbie always needs to rush away to take care of a mysterious older woman. Can they trust each other to tell the truth? Read more