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Passing Rites Series

An aristocratic Prussian family tries navigate the momentous events of the twentieth century. Told from the European point of view, the books provide a different perspective on modern history. Books 3 and 4 received both Golden Crown Literary Society and Rainbow awards for historical fiction.

The coming-of-age story of a brilliant woman born into a Prussian aristocratic family at the turn of the century. Vexing her family’s plans for her, Margarethe von Stahle forges her own path, marrying for convenience but choosing female lovers. She defies convention to become a prominent surgeon. Read more>>

The convent of Obberoth has been keeping secrets for centuries. When Margarethe arrives looking for a head nurse, she discovers the recommended candidate, Sister Augustine is hiding something. In her quest, to discover the truth, Margarethe creates a scandal and upends her own life. Read more>>

On the eve of war, the Von Stahle family is struggling to live under the Nazis. Constrained by the regime’s “racial hygiene” policies, Margarethe struggles to practice ethical medicine. An obsessive affair threatens her relationship. Her cousin, once a public official, begs her to join the resistance. Read more>>

The war is over. Berlin lies in ruins, but Margarethe has refused to abandon her hospital. Occupying Russian soldiers brutally assault her and leave her for dead. Her former protege, Dr. Sarah Weber arrives with the American Army just in time and tries to help Margarethe heal from the physical and emotional scars. Read more>>